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The 33th International Folklore Festival BALTICA will take place in Lithuania, on June 18–24, 2021.

It is the most significant international folklore festival both in our country and in the Baltic States held every year since 1987. The events usually host both local and 7 to 14 folk groups from different countries of the world.

The topic of BALTICA 2021 is the Ritual.

Festival aims to include a wider variety of intangible cultural heritage aspects: folklore, unique arts and crafts, handmade articles and traditional cuisine. For that purpose, a small Festival Town is planned to be built, with a stage for performances by folk groups, places for demonstration of traditional crafts and selling of traditional foods. Each country will be assigned with individual time slots for their presentations. The festival activities will not only take place in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and the main venue location, but they will also expand to our other beautiful cities and the countryside (on open-air stages, concert halls and in the streets). Among other activities, the participants will be able to visit places of interest in Lithuania, including cultural, historical and nature spots.

General conditions

  1. Folklore programme requirements for groups

BALTICA is a festival presenting authentic forms of folklore (i.e., non-stylized, non-transformed), therefore, we would be grateful if the traditional practitioners of your traditional songs, dances, instrumental music, customs and traditional costumes come to the festival. Groups should present their program with a live folk music accompaniment if it is needed. Unfortunately, recorded music is not allowed as it eliminates authenticity. The duration of the performances – 5, 30, 60 min. A folklore group should be at least of 5 persons, but not over 20.

  • Traditional crafts

The most convenient demonstration would be of those crafts that need no complex equipment, for example, twig or straw-weaving, wood-carving, pottery, textile, etc. Articles can be brought or produced for sale.

We would like to invite up to 2 craftspeople representing the same region with their own materials and means of production, and dressed in their national costumes. It is desirable that they were able to decorate their working place at least minimally.

We kindly ask you to fill in the Application Form of craftspeople recommended, to prepare a few photos of each person with his / her articles.

  • Traditional cuisine

Conditions and appliances for preparing foods will be provided by organizers. We kindly ask you to send us the recipes of the foods proposed, which can be made using no complex equipment, as well as contact address of the consulting specialist who will take part in preparing and presenting foods for the further discussion on details.


The aim of the cinema is to provide the participating countries with the possibility of wider presentation of their intangible cultural heritage. Films recorded on DVD could include family traditions as well as those of work, calendar festivities, rituals, mode of life and other fields of traditional culture of your country.

We kindly ask you to inform us about the films offered, regarding the following: the author, the title (original and English), duration, DVD format (HD, AVI), language, short annotation.

If any problems in terms of the lease or the public presentation of the films occur, please inform us about it and provide us with the addresses of the responsible officials, so that we can help you solve this matter. Guide for the duration of the festival.

We kindly ask you to deliver the films two months in advance.

  • Expenses

The travelling expenses should be covered by the participating countries.

Expenses for meals, lodging and traveling during the festival will be covered by the organizers of BALTICA-2021.

Participants are obliged to have their own health insurance policy. Organizers will not cover costs of health treatment and other results of misfortunes.

Download General conditions in PDF.

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