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The Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre annually produces around 20 publications of diverse form, purpose and content – books, magazines, sound and video recordings. The biggest part of them, such as sources of repertoires of the major events (song celebrations, students’ festivals “Gaudeamus” etc.) and those for the daily purposes, folklore selections (“Šoks broliukai šokinį: Aukštaitijos, Suvalkijos, Dzūkijos bei Žemaitijos žaidimai, rateliai, šokiai” (Brothers Will Dance: Games, Roundels and Dances of the Aukštaitija, Suvalkija, Dzūkija and Žemaitija regions) a publication, 2001; 3 CD, 2003, 4 DVDs; “Lietuvių liaudies smuiko muzika. 100 kūrinių” (The Lithuanian Folk Fiddle Music), 2007; “Muzika armonikoms: armonika, bandonija, concertina” (The Music for Harmonicas: Harmonica, Bandoneon, Concertina), 1998) are addressed to the leaders of ensembles.

The other part of publications is intended to experts in culture and art, specialists of education and science and the entire society. Such are monographs (“Lietuvių tautinis kostiumas” (Lithuanian National Costume), “Metai už stalo. Kalendorinių švenčių ir sezoniniai valgiai” (The Year at the Table. Foods for Calendar Fests and Seasonal Cuisine)), collections of articles, proceedings of conferences, various publications documenting and promoting the cultural traditions and related activities ("Lithuanian Roots. An Overview of the Lithuanian Traditional Culture", 2003, Kudirka J. "The Lithuanians: an ethnic portrait", 1991), informational publications, catalogues of the Folk Art Exhibitions organised in the framework of the Song Celebrations, competitive exhibitions “Aukso vainikas” (Golden Wreath) and other, complemented with surveys, reviews, illustrations. Necessary to mention the series of collection of authorial dances “Lietuvos choreografai” (Lithuanian Choreographers), the series of folklore sound recordings “Dainos iš visos Lietuvos” (Songs from the Entire Lithuania), “Lietuvių tradicinė instrumentinė muzika” (Lithuanian Traditional Instrumental Music) and other.

The Centre prepares and produces attributes, souvenirs of its organised events, the minor and major printing (booklets, programmes of exhibitions, diplomas, posters, placards etc.)

The major part of the Centre’s production is prepared by the institution’s specialists.


Magazine “Liaudies kultūra” (Folk Culture)

The scientific and cultural magazine specialised in ethnology has been founded in 1988. It is published 6 times a year, every two months (11 printer’s sheets, 88 pages, A 4 format, illustrated).

The magazine presents researches on Lithuanian archaeology, mythology, folklore, ethnography, folk music and dance, folk art and other spheres of ethnic culture, analyses the status and problems of contemporary Lithuanian national and ethnic culture, its regional expressions, cultural features of national minorities, the cultural movements of 60s-80s of the 20th century related to the ethnic culture, introduces the cultures of the Baltic region and the nations of the world, publicises the sources of ethnological materials and works of famous researchers of the cultures of the world.

The resumes of the articles are presented in English.

The publications of the magazine are announced on the international database “EBSCO Publishing” (www.ebsco.com).


Series “Gyvoji tradicija” (Living Tradition)

It is an authentic series of publications, consisting of books, sound, video and electronic publications, which main purpose is to introduce experts of culture and education, as well as the general society to the most important, still living or distinct national traditions described in the earliest sources and to promote their instilment into contemporary life. The series are constantly complemented with new pieces.

The volumes of publications (books and sound recordings), presenting materials on the traditions, singing, choreographic and other folklore of the spring, summer and winter calendar periods, electronic books on folk magic, the national costume, the cross-crafting tradition (“Kryždirbystė Lietuvoje. Paminklai, ikinografija, papročiai, meistrai” (Lithuanian Cross-crafting: Monuments, Iconography, Customs, Cross-crafters) both in Lithuanian and English), CDs on children folklore for the young generation, their teachers, parents, leaders of folk groups and many others have been published.

A series of informative, attractive and adapted to wide audience documentaries both in Lithuanian and English (in DVD format) have been produced, aimed to spread information about the expressions of traditional culture, show their peculiarities and distinction:

“Lietuvio namai” (The Lithuanian’s House) (2010).

“Lietuvių tradiciniai dailieji amatai” (Lithuanian Traditional Fine Arts) (2009).

“Lietuvių kalendorinės šventės” (Lithuanian Calendar Festivals) (2009).

3 DVD: “Lietuvių tradicinės dainos” (Lithuanian Traditional Songs), “Lietuvių instumentinė muzika” (Lithuanian Instrumental Music), “Lietuvių šokių tradicija" (Lithuanian Dance Tradition) (2008).

“Lietuvių tautinis kostiumas” (Lithuanian National Costume) (2007).

“Lietuvių tradiciniai valgiai” (Lithuanian Traditional Foods) (2007).

Publications on the Song Celebration’s tradition (in English)

Photography album “The Millennium Song and Dance Celebration of Lithuania – the Song of the Centuries” (2009).

Documentary “The Millennium Song and Dance Celebration of Lithuania – the Song of the Centuries 2009” (2009, DVD).

Documentary “The Earth in Blossom”. Reflections of the Folklore Day of “The Millennium Song and Dance Celebration of Lithuania – the Song of the Centuries” (2009, DVD).

CD “Songs of the Century” – records of the choral music evening of “The Millennium Song and Dance Celebration of Lithuania – the Song of the Centuries” (compiler Aurelija Andrejauskaitė, 2009, 3 CDs).

Documentary "Viens, du, trys..." (One, Two, Three) – (non-traditional view on the 2007 Song Celebration “In the Circle of Life”, author Rudolfas Levulis, 2007, DVD).

Documentary “The Sun Rose in a Wheel” – created at the Folklore Day of the 2007 Song Celebration “In the Circle of Life” (creative group: Dijana Bendoraitytė, Donatas Buklys, Juozas Javaitis and others, 2007, DVD).


Lithuanian Choral Music Anthology

A fundamental publishing project of the Lithuanian Folk Culture Centre has been started with the aim to publicise the most valuable, commonly-performed compositions of Lithuanian authors for choirs of mixed and even voices, both a cappella and with instrumental accompaniment, reflecting the evolution of choral music in Lithuania. It has already been published in the series:

V volume, 1960-1972 compositions (2010);

VI volume, 1973-1980 compositions (2010);

VIII volume, 1990-1998 compositions (2010);

VII volume, 1980-1990 compositions (2009).

Lithuanian Choral Music a cappella 1990 - 2008

The selection of retrospective sound recordings of contemporary choral music presents 37 most distinctive compositions a cappella by 19 authors, performed by 20 best choirs. (2 CDs, 2008, annotation in Lithuanian and English).