International Festival of Instrumental Folk Music


September 8 - 12, 2004





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Unique in terms of genre in Lithuania and the most enduring in the eastern Baltics, GRIEŽYNĖ International Festival of Instrumental Folk Music is a special event held every second year in Vilnius. It emerged in 1992 as a bodily form of an idea suggested by two enthusiasts of instrumental folk music - composer Algirdas Klova and Arūnas Lunys. The name of the festival - GRIEŽYNĖ - was chosen purposefully. GRIEŽYNĖ is a dialect word for fiddle, one of the chief folk instruments in Lithuania and in other countries. 

The festival seeks to familiarise people with folk music performers, folk instruments, and traditional music of different countries. It purposes to demonstrate to the festival guests the authentic tradition of Lithuanian folk music performance. GRIEŽYNĖ has already hosted musicians from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Peru, Ireland, Wales, USA, Italy, Japan, Iran and many other parts of the world. 

GRIEŽYNĖ means more than a series of folk music performances. It includes shows of musical instruments and exhibitions of photos featuring folk music players, or folklore documentaries presenting rich ethnographic material on customs, musical instruments' production, musicians, and dances. 

This year GRIEŽYNĖ offers a number of long-standing folk music events. Festival guests are welcome at a folcotheque that came into being last year, or at a world music show. GRIEŽYNĖ also has a few surprises in store: for the first time in festival's history a music and poetry show, a birbynė (reed-pipe) music concert and many other events will be presented.





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