Traditional dance event “All “Baltica” dance”

On September 22 – Autumn Equinox and Baltic Unity Day – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be united for a joint traditional dance evening “All “Baltica” dance”. It grew out of the event “All Lithuania Dance”, that has already made Lithuania dance with all their hearts six times.

At 6 p.m. Vilnius residents and guests of the capital will be gathering for a dance get-together in the Bernardine Garden, and over 100 dance events will take place in the squares, courtyards and other spaces open to the public in many Lithuanian municipalities. At the same time, Latvians and Estonians will be also having their events. The theme of the forum – the ritual – will uncover not only in the scientific and the artistic parts of the programme, but also during “All “Baltica” dance”: each country will present and teach all participants its own ceremonial dances. The fun and the easy-to-learn ones will also be included as well as waltz, that everyone loves.

The event will also be broadcast online on Lithuanian National Culture Centre “Youtube” and Festival “Baltica” “Facebook” accounts.

The dance playlist – for everyone to prepare a little!