You can download a detailed programme by clicking HERE.

September 20th, Monday

11.30 The opening of the forum

Theme: The ethnogenesis and evolution of Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians (of the Balts and the Finno-Ugrians) – historical, cultural and linguistic interconnections and influences

12.00–12.45 Archaeological and historical perspective

13.00–13.45 Linguistic perspective

14.00–14.45 Features of the worldview and mythology

15.00–15.30 Break

15.30–16.15 The old handicrafts, ornamentation, semantics and ceremonial role

16.30–17.15 The old Baltic gastronomy and its ceremonial context

18.00 Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian folklore concert

September 21st, Tuesday

Theme: The singing, choreographic and instrumental ceremonial folklore and its early forms regarding the calendar and family celebrations

10.00–10.45 Lithuanian singing tradition

11.00–11.45 Latvian singing tradition

12.00–12.45 Estonian singing tradition

13.00–14.00 Break

14.00–14.45 Instrumental music

15.00–15.45 Choreographic folklore, syncretic forms of the Baltic countries

16.00–17.00 Traditions of masqueraders in the rituals of calendar, family and work events

18.00 Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian evening for the wedding traditions

September 22nd, Wednesday

Theme: Experiences of preserving folklore traditions in the Baltic States

10.00–10.45 The role of the festival “Baltica” and related experiences in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

11.00–11.45 The good practices: ways and methods of folklore transmission, education and learning

12.00–12.45 The good practices: tradition reconstruction, revitalization and development events, projects, long-term programs and their impact

13.00–14.00 Break

14.00–14.45 The good practices: successful communication, publicity and societal inclusion solutions

15.00–17.00 Discussion: the existence of archaic forms of folklore today – theoretical and practical assumptions, relevance, problems and threats

18.00 Traditional dance event “All “Baltica” dance” at the Bernardine Garden, Vilnius, and all over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for live audience and online, the dance playlist is HERE.

20.00 Art project “Ancestral Weaves” at the Bernardine Garden, Vilnius, for live audience and online

September 20th–21th

20.00–21.00 Art installation “Light for the Ancestors” at the Bernardine Garden, Vilnius

All presentation and events will be broadcast online at Lithuanian National Culture Centre’s Youtube account and at the festival “Baltica” Facebook account

Programme changes may occur.