Būti apeigoje - būti čia ir dabar, vakar ir rytoj, visur ir visados



June 18 – 24, LITHUANIA

To take part in the ritual means to be right here and right now, yesterday and tomorrow, everywhere and always

The theme of the BALTICA 2021 – RITUAL

International folklore festival “Baltica” of 2021 aims to foster the attention to the spiritual dimension of a person, a community and the society as well as the ways the traditions of various nations and of ethnic groups have sought to harmonize a human being, his or her interaction with the environment, own fate and the higher spheres, therefore, the ritual has been chosen as the core concept of the festival. It is designated to present the customs, rituals and practices exercised by various nations both in daily life and during special occasions, which are calendar events, human transformation ignited by birth, maturity, marriage and death, the agricultural, crafts and other work cycles, food and beverage preparation, improvement of physical and mental health, foretelling, etc. In rituals, verbal expressions, vocal and instrumental music, movements, symbols, beliefs, and even particular elements of magic intertwine. All this engages and unites people.

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